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KIHRA is Keebles’  24/7 online employment law and Hr resource portal.  Prepared by expert employment lawyers with over 35 years combined experience of advising both private and public sector, organisations, it aims to protect employers by providing up to date, practical information on employment and related human resources matters including information on key employment changes. 

KIHRA provides free information on employment and HR resources to both HR professionals, operational directors and managers responsible for staff matters. 

KIHRA also offers employers a subscription option.  For an annual fixed fee of £500 plus VAT, subscribers can access over 80, regularly updated, employment contracts, employee handbook, together with related guidance notes on key employment issues and template documents.  All documents are downloadable and can be amended and customised to ensure legal compliance and meet the needs of your organisation. Subscribers can also attend bespoke employment law training events and have a membership of the Keebles’ Hr Forum

This 24/7 service will provide free up to date information on developments in employment law and related HR issues.  It offers information on employment law changes and is aimed at both Hr Professionals, and operational managers responsible for staff matters  

Level one:    

Invites to HR and employment law events

Level two : Includes Level one plus:

Contract of Employment
Employment Law handbook
Guidance notes on practical employment and HR issues
Template employment documents
Priority invites to HR end employment law events
Membership of our monthly Hr forum

Level two includes all the information available in level one plus a downloadable, amendable contract of employment and sample employment handbook to ensure your legal compliance.  In addition, access to over 70, regularly updated, practical guidance on key employment and Hr issues together with supporting , downable, template  documents which can be updated and amended for use in your business.